Remita Payroll

Remita Payroll

Remita Payroll

Suitable for an organisation with 2-200,000 employees, Remita Payroll & HR is a powerful and comprehensive Payroll and Human Resource Management solution.

Remita Payroll & HR is based on our highly successful HumanManager solution that has revolutionised the Payroll and HR processes of several organisations, and has been a market leader for more than 20 years!


Some of the key features of Remita e-Payroll & HR empowers organisations to achieve the following:

  • Maintain a comprehensive, online employee personal and payroll data.
  • Compute all staff allowances, loans, pensions, taxes, overtime allowances, cooperatives, union and other deductions.
  • Pay salaries without the need to upload salary schedules from a separate software to the e-Payment platform.
  • Automatically send electronic Payment Notification, Pay slips and Tax analysis slips to each staff at the end of every pay run.
  • Availability of extensive, online, Standard and User-defined Payroll Reports which include Nominal Roll, Staff List, Payroll Register, Variance and Audit Reports.
  • Pay salaries directly into staff accounts held in any commercial banks, micro-finance banks, mortgage banks or digital wallets.
  • Automatically send payments, with electronic matching schedules, to PFAs, PFCs, Staff Cooperatives, and State BIRs. There is no need to send paper schedules to PFAs etc anymore!
  • Optional modules such as Employee Self-Service, Leave Management, and Claims/Expense Management, all integrated on a single platform.


Performance Appraisal

  • An organisation can be set up to commence seamless end-to-end processing within a few days.
  • Define appraisal levels and appraisal workflow.
  • Define appraisal targets and goals.
  • Define appraisal weights and scores.
  • Identify and define performance measures, weights and scores.
  • Handle the design of multiple appraisal forms and initiation of defined forms to appropriate employees irrespective of Job title/ grade level.
  • Handle automatic computation of appraisal scores/grades.
  • Monitor appraisal movement through defined workflow to cessation.
  • Capture training needs/requirements.
  • Generate appraisal reports.


Staff Claims and Advances

  • Automate your various claims and expenses, such as IOU, retirement, medical claims, transfer allowance and transportation claim.
  • Automate the employee expense reporting processes from creation, submission, approval, reimbursement..
  • Capture, approve, monitor and control staff claims (Reimbursements, Cash Advance Settlement, etc.).
  • Allows staff to make claims for expenses incurred.
  • Make direct payments to Staff accounts.
  • Control and pre-define rules and parameters for each claim or expense type.
  • Track staff claims limits.
  • Improve control of employee spending and expenses.

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