Remita e-Invoicing & Collections

Remita e-Invoicing & Collections


Remita e-Invoicing provides Billers with a powerful tool for managing invoices and empowering them to uniquely identify transactions, from initiation right through to consummation.

With Remita e-Invoicing:
  • There is no longer the need for “manual” invoices the world has moved to the “electronic” era.
  • Billers can generate online, electronic payment demand notices to be sent to payers for payment through their preferred channel.
  • Payers can generate own invoices online and pay through their preferred channel.
  • Billers can integrate with ERP/billing system to automate the invoicing from their source data.
  • Billers can send reminder mails for unpaid invoices.


Remita e-Collection empowers billers to receive payments from customers from anywhere across the country, through multiple channels including any bank branch, PoS, Wesbite, among others.

The benefits Remita avails its customers include the following:

  • For easy reconciliation, billers can define and customise online Pay-In form with as many fields as desired, containing all the information that you want payers to supply at the time of payment e.g. Payer Name, Payer ID, Payer Category, e-Mail Address, Telephone Number, Goods and Services desired, Policy or Reference No, Comments etc.
  • Never again will you need to disclose your bank account again before payers to pay you. All you need to do is:
  • Simply put the “Pay Here” Remita link on your website.
  • Ask your payers to select your name at (Pay Billers).
  • Send your payers a generated Remita payment link by email.
  • Your account does not have to be in the same bank as that of the Payer.
  • Access to detailed online reports of all collections transactions across all channels
  • Optional Integration with your billing and accounting systems for information exchange to support service delivery and transaction reconciliation.

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