Remita Biller/ Merchant

Remita Biller/ Merchant

A Remita Biller/Merchant is anyone who has registered to receive payments through Remita and its multiple channels.
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    • Integrating Remita for payments on websites

      Integration is the ability to combine to systems to ease communication. 3rd party application can be integrated to Remita for the purpose of processing payment via their portal through Remita. Remita provides a standards-based REST interface which ...
    • How to pay a registered biller/ merchant

      Go to Click on the icon 'Pay a Biller' Fill in the required details Click Submit to generate the RRR Proceed to make payment via the available payment channels.
    • How to generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference)

      To Pay Federal Government or State TSA: Go to Click "Pay FGN's and State TSA" Select Pay Federal Government of Nigeria Type the name of the MDA from the "Name of MDA" field Then select the "Name Of Service/Purpose" that relates to the ...
    • How to pay an E-invoice on Remita

      Go to Select the icon 'Pay a Biller' Select the option 'Pay E-invoice' Enter the RRR Fill in the required details and click Submit
    • How to pay via the POS channel

      Visit the office of the Biller/Merchant or an authorized Remita Agent that has a Remita configured POS terminal. Supply your RRR and use your card to make payment at the POS terminal.