Performance Appraisal Module (Step by Step Approach)

Performance Appraisal Module (Step by Step Approach)

Performance Appraisal Module


 Employee Selfservice Appraisal


Employees can appraise themselves and forward to their manager for review.


A. Keying In Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key in your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): Kindly log into your profile on HumanManager by inserting your username and password. Goto Performance Targets/KPI > Click on New Performance Targets/KPI. > Insert KPI

Click submit to forward to the next approver/ manager.





The approver/ manager will get an email notifying him/ her to log into HumanManager to approve their subordinates’ KPIs. Once logged in, the KPI will be in the inbox. Click on it to open.

Click on Approve to approve the KPI or Reject to return the KPI to the appraisee to amend.

Once the KPI is approved, the appraisee is to log into HumanManager>  Goto Performance Targets/KPI > Click on Progress Report on Performance Targets (To view all approved KPIs).

 B.   Filing the Appraisal Form

Once the appraisal form is initiated, the appraisee will get an email notifying him/ her to log in to HumanManager to do the appraisal. Click on the appraisal notification in the inbox to start the appraisal process.

Fill the appraisal form, click on the submit button to submit appraisal form to the next approver/manager. Please note that the hold button saves information filled on the appraisal for so that the
 can come back at any time to proceed with the appraisal.

After you click on submit button, the appraisal form will be forwarded to the next appraiser/ manager


The approver/ manager will get an email notifying him/ her to log in to HumanManager to approve the subordinates KPI. Once logged in, the KPI will be in the inbox. Click on it to open.

Click Hold to save information filled into the appraisal form.
Click return to return the form to the appraisee.
Click Cancel to leave the appraisal form page. 
Click Close to close/end the appraisal for that period. (Only the last line approver can view the close button on their page)

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